Our Clients
We recognise that excellent and immediate support is a fundamental aspect of operating in a 24h market and we strive to continuously provide our clients with the best possible service as a cornerstone of our tailored Prime Brokerage solutions.
We can provide multiple streams through a single account allowing you to better monetize flow from a range of different clients. We will work with you to help you optimise your trading. We provide seamless integration to all the major bridge providers.
Market Makers
CGTrade facilitate distribution of your liquidity to our own clients and through 3rd party ECNs allowing you to focus on trading whilst we help grow your business
Hedge Funds
We provide a range of trading interfaces with sophisticated order types. We can provide a range of feeds including firm liquidity and full amount.
Proprietary Traders
We offer a sophisticated trading platform on low latency infrastructure designed to optimise your execution. We can provide access to a broad range of products and liquidity sources to find the right solution for you.